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You may call it either chimpanzee tracking or chimpanzee trekking. It is among the most interesting experiences in life and attracts many tourists to Uganda only second to gorilla tracking. For one to track chimpanzees in Uganda, he or she must be at least be 15 years of age.

Chimpanzee tracking can be done in Kibale Forest (150 US Dollars – permits), Queen Elizabeth Park (50 US Dollars permits plus daily Park entrance), Semuliki Valley (30 US Dollars plus daily entrance), Murchison Falls Park Budongo Forest where they can be tracked 80 US Dollars for permits plus daily entrance – Kalinzu forest -30 US Dollars.

Kibale Forest is the most visited of all the above. It is home to 13 primates including; red colobus, black and white colobus, red tailed monkey, blue monkey bush babies, nocturnal portal, man’s closest cousins (The chimpanzee) and so on. There are about 1500 chimpanzees in Kibale Forest. It is for this reason that it is called the primate capital of the world. It has more primates than other area in the world. The main activity is chimpanzee tracking which takes up to six hours depending on where you find the chimps. Having encountered them, you are allowed a full hour with them which is worth the walk. There is also a full day chimpanzee experience which costs US Dollars 220.


The chimpanzee is the animal that resembles man most closely. It shares familiar human characteristics such as problem solving abilities, a high degree of parental care, and a variety of facial expressions. It is intelligent and lively; the sociable chimpanzee shows ability to learn as well as to act instinctively. Its behavior could provide a clue to that of our early ancestors.

A male chimp grows up to 5.5ft where as a female grows to 4.5ft. Their sexually mature at 8-10 years and females mate when the previous offspring is about 3 years. They are social and live in small groups called troops.


The chimpanzee has two intensive periods each day: early morning and late afternoon.Fruits of all kinds make up the majority of the chimpanzee’s diet. It will also eat insects and honey. It gets most of the water it needs from fruits. It was also discovered that chimpanzee eats meat. It is now known that it hunts, kills, and feeds on a variety of mammals, including other primates such as the colobus monkey, blue monkeys, and baboons. The killing is almost always done by an adult male who smashes the animal’s head on the ground. The male eats his fill before sharing with the rest of the troop.


Chimpanzees are man’s closest relatives, yes. Chimpanzees’ behaviors provide a clue to that of our early ancestors. They suffer from many human diseases including malaria. It is for this reason that man is the chimpanzees biggest threat. They are extensively used for testing drugs.

Chimps are the only animals apart from humans that recognize themselves in mirrors. Of the few animals that use tools, the chimp is the most skilled. It uses sticks as weapons and to dugout the contents of insect nests. Some will wet a long stick with saliva so that soldier ants will stick to it. Like humans, chimpanzees can use their faces to show emotion. Researchers have discovered that they have a wide range of expressions, conveying several different emotions. They can show a friendly expression, aggressive expression, pleased expression, and the passive expression. For chimpanzee safaris, click here.

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