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About Kenya

Kenya is an East African country populated by approximately 40 million inhabitants. With the Indian Ocean to its southeast, it is bordered by Tanzania to the South, Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the Northwest, Ethiopia to the North and Somalia to the Northeast. Kenya is divided into two climate zones. In the highlands situated higher than 1800 meters above sea level, a long rain period between April and June can be expected and short rainfalls will prevail from October to November. The nights in the highlands are fairly cold. Along the coast, temperatures are ranging between 22 and 32 degrees on the Celsius scale, the warmest months in Kenya are December through to April.

  • Capital City – Nairobi
  • Largest City – Nairobi
  • Demonym – Kenyan
  • Government – Republic
  • President – Uhuru Kenyata
  • Legislature – Parliament
  • Colonial Masters – Britain
  • Independence Date – 12 Dec 1963
  • Area –Total 581309km2/224445 sq mi.
  • Population (2015) 45,456,943
  • Population Density 80.4/km2
  • GDP Per Capita $1245.51
  • Currency Kenyan Shillings(KSH)
  • Time Zone EAT(UTC+3)
  • Driving side left
  • Calling code – +254a
  • Internet TLD .ke
  • map_of_kenya