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About Rwanda

Rwanda is a small landlocked country with an area of 26338 sq km or 10169 sq mi. It is also known as land of 1000 hills and many travelers have witnessed that its topography is more or less like that of Switzerland.

It is located in the south west of Uganda on the eastern rim of the Albertine rift. It is bordered by Burundi, Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

Having undergone genocide in 1994, Rwanda”s Tourism sector has grown at a fast pace and therefore hosts a number of travelers from across the world. Rwanda has a lot to offer when it comes to wildlife.

Rwanda shares the volcanoes with Uganda and Congo and these are home to a number of the word’s surviving mountain gorillas..Come and trek the mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Parc De Volcanoes/ Volcanoes National park. Its rain forests of Nyungwe are home to a number of primates which include the chimpanzee,Blue,white and red tailed monkeys,patas monkeys,golden monkeys and so on.

Have a game drive in Akagera National park to see a number of Savannah animals including elephants,lions,buffaloes,warthogs, and many more.



  • Capital city. Kigali
  • Official laanguages. Kinyarwanda,French,and English.
  • Government. Republic
  • Current president. Paul Kagame
  • Current Prime minister. Anastase Murekerzi
  • Currency. Rwandan Franc(RWF)
  • Driving side. Right
  • Calling code. +250
  • Government. Republic
  • Demonym. Rwandese

  • Independence date. July,01,1962
  • Colonial masters. Belgium
  • Total area. 26338sqKm or 10169sqmi.
  • % of water. 5.3
  • Population(2002 cencus). 8162715
  • Popuation Density. 401.4/sqKm
  • GDP per capita. $520
  • Time zome. CAT(UTC+2)