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About Tanzania

Tanzania is located in East Africa bordered by Uganda, Rwanda Kenya and Malawi. It hosts some of the most incredible tribal diversity in Africa. It embraces most of the major ethnic groups in Africa,you find them all in Tanzania.It hosts about 125 tribes which have smaller communities.

The Masai are the most known of all Tanzanian’s tribes and live in the north of the country.Their major activity is pastoralism and therefore always migrate from place to place in search for better pasture and water for their animals.

In Tanzania, we mostly focus on the northern circuit, the coast and the Islands of Pemba and Zanzibar,these host the most attractions.


This is home to the great Kilimanjaro mountain,Africa’s highest peak. This park is basically visited for mountain hiking of the Kilimanjaro unlike others which are basically visited for wildlife viewing. Its highest point is Uhuru and is among the seven wonders of the world.


This is Tanzania”s largest National park, attracts most tourists to the country. Its mostly visited between December and June due to its annual migration of thousands of animals such as zebras, wildebeest,antelopes,and so on.


This is home to Ngorongoro crater one of Tanzania’s leading attractions. It has a permanent supply of water making thousands of animals stay around without migrating.This area is visited not only for game viewing and bird watching but also for the famous Olduvai Gorge. This is an archeological site where the skull of early man and bone fragments were discovered by Dr. Leakey.

Ngorongoro crater is said to be the largest ancient caldera in the world and is approximately three million years old.Animals to be seen in the area include lions, buffaloes,rhinos,elephants,Thomson’s gazelles and many more.Bird watching is best at lake Magadi famous for salt mining.It hosts thousands of flamingos.


This is mostly visited from July to September and this is when animals gather along the river.Here you can find migrations of thousands of animals including buffaloes,wildbeest,zebras,impalas,gazelles,and so on.It is also famous for baobab tress which dot the grassy land.It hosts over 300 bird species including falcons,herons,storks,buzzards,eagles e.t.c.


This is the largest game reserve in Tanzania and covers 1/20 of its total land. Its southern part is prohibited due to being under developed and having many cliffs and densely forested. The reserve is mostly visited between July and October and is bisected by the river Rufigi forming the largest catchment area in East Africa. Wildlife found here includes cheetah,antelopes,giraffes,elephants,leopards,lions,warthogs,hippos and so on.


This park is famous for enormous food plains.It is divided by river Katari and has many seasonal lakes. The lakes host many hippos and end up fighting when the water dries up.More animals to be seen here incude, reedbucks,zebras,impalas,lions e.t.c.


This is one of Tanzania’s smallest National parks but hosts a number of animals including Black and white colobus monkeys,zebras,warthogs,buffaloes. It has a range of habitats that include a series of seven crater lakes,forest of Mount Meru, Ngudoto crater in its southern section.


This is the largst lake in Africa and is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Tanzania takes the biggest share of the lake. The lake’s famous ports in Tanzania are Bukoba,Musoma and Maanza which have grown into towns making many people earn a living. Activities on the lake are birdwatching, canoeing,and fishing.


This park is famous for game drives,bike tours,canoeing and bird watching.Despite the fact that 2/3 of the park is covered by water,lake Manyara National park is home to thousands of flamingos and other animals.


This is the cultural heart of the town of Zanzibar and has almost not changed since 200 years ago. The Arabian homes are lining its narrow streets and winding alleys give the city a spectacular view. Most homes in Stone citybwere built in the 19th century when Zanzibar was the most important trading town of the Arabs in the Indian Ocean Vistors are surprised by the intrically curved wooden doors on most of the houses. A walk along Creek road takes the location of the central Darajan market, Anglican Cathedral and Beit-el-Amani.


Zanzibar and Pembe islands have a number of beaches and can be used for a number of activities including,snorkeling,diving,spice tours,surfing,bike tours and so on.These islands are said to have some of the best beaches in the world and are among the world’s best relaxing areas.


  • Capital City. Dodoma
  • Largest City. Dar-es-salaam
  • Denonym. Tanzanian
  • Government. Republic
  • Colonial masters. United Kingdom
  • Independence date(Tanganyika). 9,12,1961 Zanzibar and Pemba). 10,12,1963

  • Area. 947303sqKm/365756Sqmi.
  • Population(2012 cencus). 44928923
  • Population Density. 47.5/sqKm
  • GDP Per capita. $2591
  • Driving side. Left
  • Calling code. +255
  • Internet TLD. t.z