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Tourist Visa reduces.

Cost of the Uganda Tourist Visa reduces.

With effect from 22 July 2016, the cost of Uganda’s single entry Visa was reduced from US Dollars 100 to US Dollars 50. The tourism industry was filled with joy to hear about this reduction. In the past, the cost of the Uganda tourist Visa was equivalent to the East African Visa which forced many travelers purchase the East African Visa instead of Ugandan. However, the East African Tourist Visa is not extendable.

Tourism being a key participant to African economies, the government of the Republic of Uganda saw it necessary to make a decrease in her Visa costs. Uganda’s Tourist Visa has been the most expensive of all East African countries’. This comes after the government of Kenya had made a decrease for family travelers so as to encourage family travel. This has showed a high increase in Kenyan tourism as many travelers now tend to visit the country with their families. We hope Uganda is taking the same direction.

The government of Uganda also introduced E-Visa application with effect from 1 July 2016. The E-Visa is aimed at providing convenience to travelers by reducing delays caused by long lines. The on arrival visa will soon be discontinued.

How to apply for the Online Visa.

Apply for your Uganda Tourist Visa or East African Tourist Visa if Uganda is your first destination. The East African Tourist Visa is ideal for Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and allows you multiple entries to the three countries for not more than three months.

You will receive am email with a bar code which proves that you have successfully applied for the Visa. Save the email. The application takes your through ten pages but 10 minutes are enough to fill everything. On arrival, the bar code will be scanned and the visa sticker pasted into your passport.

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